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DCS is dedicated to providing unique solutions to Crossfire enthusiasts. As we all know, Crossfire equipped vehicles are the “step children” of GM and performance products were really never developed. To this end DCS is dedicated to providing products and services to help with the setup and maintenance of Crossfire equipped vehicles at the lowest cost and highest quality possible. Whether it be a Camaro, Corvette or Firebird these unique products and services will help you keep your Crossfire running at its peak.

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Summary Of Our Products And Services

Renegade Manifold - The Renegade manifold offers to the crossfire enthusiast for the first time ever a complete true OEM high performance replacement manifold. Poured from aircraft quality 356 aluminum the Renegade is a complete plug and play assembly. Our tests have shown that we saw a 30HP plus increase to the rear wheels over a stock crossfire manifold. All stock crossfire parts fit this manifold and no further modifications are necessary.

DCS Chips – DCS presently offers an upgraded chip for stock 84 Auto Corvettes. In the chip has improved torque converter parameters which has taken care of an issue with some of the early 84 GM chips referred to as a "Low Speed Chuggle" and was a GM TSB item. This PROM update is no longer available through GM. Also incorporated is additional fueling and spark advance at Wide Open Throttle (WOT). This chip is for the performance minded person who doesn't want to replace his current ECM and learn how to tune on a laptop, but just wants to do a plug-and-play swap and have the added performance gain over a stock chip and smoother operation.

Fuel Pressure Assembly – Included in this kit is a custom fuel line made from steel with a fuel pressure 15psi gauge to allow for proper adjustment of the fuel pressure to the TB’s and is a direct bolt-on for a stock crossfire manifold. Both assemblies fit neatly under the stock air cleaner box and the gauge on the 82 in under the air cleaner box, but easily viewable. The 84 is positioned in the space between the air cleaner box top lid and the A.I.R. pump for easy viewing also. However, the AIR pump hose can not be used with the stock manifold at this time. You may request either polished or natural finish at no extra charge. Pictured on the site is the natural finish. We will also be offering an 82 X-Ram FP assembly in the near future. The 84 corvette X-Ram fuel pressure assembly is now available.

Flow Matched Injectors – These are true 90lb injectors. They have been flow tested at 14.7 psi (1 Bar) and they are matched as a set. If you need more fuel to power your motor, these will get you there.

Regulator Adjustment Tool – Once the TB has had the regulator adjustment block-off cap removed the stock fuel pressure regulator becomes adjustable. Our tool will allow for regulator adjustment while the engine is running, a real time saving device and makes fuel pressure adjustments a snap. (Patent Pending)

TPS Harness Adapter – Once the adapter is installed, proper adjustment of the TPS voltage is easily made. There is No more probing the backside of the harness connector or intrusive probing of individual wires which introduces corrosion and will cause intermittent issues later on.

Harness Adapter Module (HAM) – If your modifications to your engine are such that the stock ECM will no longer handle or control the engine properly, you may need to move to either the GM1227747 or GM1228746 ECM. To accomplish this task with no cutting or slicing of the stock ECM harness, the HAM board will become a nice accessory to have. It does require soldering to the ECM board.

Wiring Diagrams CD – The wiring diagram CD contains the complete 1984 Corvette maintenance shop manual, complete electrical wiring diagrams and 1984-1996 parts and illustration manual. This is a great maintenance reference to have around the garage for C4 owners. The CD is in .PDF format and is only for the cost of $10 S/H and no other charge.

Throttle Body Injection Manual – Protective cover reproduction GM factory service manual for TB models 100, 200, 300, 400(Cross-fire Corvette), and 500 for GM cars and trucks. There are 31 pages of pictures and instructional text that is clear and easy to read. The manual covers on vehicle service, rebuild/repair, diagnostics, tuning, and synchronizing throttle bodies (Crossfire Corvette only).

TB Shaft Bushing Service –The throttle plate shaft bore generally wears out at around 50,000 miles (80,000km) and we have also seen the shaft bore worn out at as little as 27,000 miles (43,000km) and 39,000 miles (62,000km). The cause of the wear is due to the shafts only being pressed in from the factory whereby a steel shaft is pressed into a pot metal casting without a bushing to provide a medium between the two dissimilar metals, over time the steel shaft wins the battle of back and forth rotation and wears out the soft casting bore. This wear causes a significant leak to atmosphere or in other words, a vacuum leak of uncompensated air at the throttle shaft. The result of a vacuum leak and the wear is a poor performing motor which includes unstable or poor idle, hesitation and sticking shafts or throttle plates and makes it impossible to balance the throttle bodies correctly. With our service we will clean the TB bases, true the throttle body shaft bore and install self-lubricating bronze bushings which will provide a tight sealing shaft and many miles of trouble free use and may never need to be bushed again. Please refer to our Shaft Wear Test guide on the How To page to determine if your throttle bodies are worn. When shipping us your serviceable throttle body cores, please remove the TPS, IACs and the injector towers. We only need the throttle body bases. NOTE: The term “serviceable core” means that your throttle body bases are not cracked, broken nor have had the adjustment screw cavities butchered to remove the caps or worn beyond reconditioning. If a core is deemed “unserviceable” we will contact you to determine what to do next.

Throttle Body Restoration Service - DCS provides a complete throttle body restoration and rebuild service for all crossfire throttle bodies including F-body, with and without the injector cleaning service. This service includes, full cleaning and like new surface restoration, complete rebuild kit, bushing service and both injectors are cleaned if this service is selected. Throttle bodies are set to a near close to balance setting for ease of installation.

Crossfire Tuning - DCS now offers a Crossfire tuning service for the 82 and 84 Corvettes. The tuning service consists of installing a 85-87 AC Delco Corvette fuel pump, complete cleaning and bushing both throttle bodies if needed, replacing all gaskets as needed, correctly balancing/synchronizing both throttle bodies for optimum performance, optimize base timing, adjust TPS sensor and setting the idle. This service is by appointment only, please call us for scheduling and pricing.

Custom Grind Cam -This is a custom grind roller cam made by Erson Cam specifically for DCS and is a perfect fit with our Renegade manifold and 2 inch throttle bodies and 90lbphr injectors. This cam works well with a 383 cubic inch motor and produces good low end torque and excellent mid range, does have a notice able choppy idle. The cam requires a modified 1227747 or 1228746 ECM and laptop tuning will be required. Cam Spec: Dur: 229 Lift: .544/.544 @ .050 with 1.6 rockers LSA: 113 A stall converter of 2,400 - 2,600 is also recommended.

Thank you for visiting CrossfireInjection.net site. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to drop us an email or call us. Information provided on the Contact Us page.




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