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DCS Gallery

Here are a few pictures of our cars and some customers both local and out of state that have used our products or services. More cars will be added as they are sent in. If you have been a customer of DCS and would like to have your corvette on our website, send us a 400x300 pixel picture, name and list of your mods and we'll post it for you. Thanks for choosing DCS.

Tom's 82

DCS - Tom's 82 Corvette with a 383 Stroker under the hood and license plate to match the power. Nicknamed "The Beast" - Powertrain Breakdown: 383ci four bolt main block, Zero decked, .040" Quench, KB pistons 10.25:1 compression, Eagle crank and "H" beam 6"rods, Crank scraper and Windage tray, Internally balanced, Fluidampr Harmonic Damper, Dart Pro1 180cc heads,CompCam XFI cam, Lift IN.520 EX.515, DUR IN 224 EX 231 @ .050 LSA 113, Comp Cam Pro Magnum 1.6 rockers, Renegade manifold, modified 2.13" TBs, 90lb. injectors @23psi, parallel plumbed fuel system with DCS blank off plates and Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, 0-60psi DCS fuel pressure gauge assembly, Accel ignition with 8.8 300+ race wires, Milodon high flow water pump and 180* high flow stat, Hedman ceramic headers, True dual custom exhaust no CAT, Milodon 7qt. low profile kickout pan, 150amp alternator, Modified 1228746 ECM with HAM, EBL and Ostrich, YANK 3,200 stall converter, Scat Flexplate and reworked modified 700R4 shifts into 2nd gear at 5,800rpm, 3.31 rear gear. Custom ECM tuning by DCS.

Jim's EVILC4

DCS - Jim's 84 CFI Corvette with a 383 Stroker under his hood. Ran 12.95 ET with no power adders, proving that CFI cars can run well . Nicknamed "EVILC4" - Powertrain Breakdown: 383ci 1995 4 bolt main roller block, Zero Decked, Quench distance - 0.039", Rotating assy - Eagle stroker kit (Crank, Rods) Speed Pro pistons with -12.5 cc Dished and Moly rings, Internally balanced, 6 3/4" Harmonic balancer, Scat flexplate for late model block, TrickFlow heads 195cc intake runners with 64cc chambers, Compression ratio 10.4:1, DCS Custom Cam Roller version (Duration @ .050 226/226 LSA 113, Lift (1.5 Rockers-.510/.510)(1.6 Rockers-.544/.544)), Crane Gold 1.6 ratio Rockers, Renegade Prototype manifold with 2.13" TBs, 80lb. Injectors and parallel plumbed with a Aeromotive Regulator, D.U.I. Distributor, Headers - 1 3/4" Tubes, Ceramic Coated inside and out, Extremely modified 700R4-30 spline out of a 86 Corvette, Dana 44 with 3.45 gears, Hughes 2,000 stall converter. 1228746 ECM, HAM, EBL and Ostrich. Custom ECM tuning by DCS.

Phill's 82

Phill's 82 CFI Corvette from Mesa, AZ. Stock motor with 85 Corvette fuel pump. Fuel pressure gauge assembly, throttle body bushing service and tune by DCS. Phill's 82 was also the beta test car with the prototype for our new Renegade intake manifold. Phill now has a pre-production Renegade manifold installed and loves the added performance.

Ron's 82

Ron K. from Sun City, AZ. 82 CFI Original owner 90K miles. Stock motor with 85 Corvette fuel pump. Fuel pressure gauge assembly, throttle body bushing service and tune by DCS. Ron was the first customer of DCS and somewhat of a test vehicle for some of our products, many thanks Ron. Ron has since gone to a nice running 383 EFI engine.

Tom's 84

Tom H. 84 CFI Corvette from Penn Valley, CA. His corvette has a new 350ci crate motor, 85 vette fuel pump, pressure regulator mod, new high flow cat with 2.5" Y and Borla mufflers. Tom also has the DCS fuel pressure gauge assembly.

Mike's 84

Mike R. 84 CFI Corvette from Santa Marie, CA. Stock Crossfire motor with a DCS fuel pressure gauge assembly. Nice wheels Mike.

Ken's 82

Ken K. 82 Corvette from La Marque, TX. Ken is the owner of the Crossfire Injection Vault forum. Original 350 short block, Rebuilt ceramic coated pistons, Crane 2050 cam, Dart S/S heads, Crane roller tip rockers, 1.5:1, Siamesed intake, EGR removed & filled, Phenolic spacer, Undercut boltheads at runner openings, 2" TB's, VAFPR, 85 FP, 8746 ECM/Prominator/HAM, Dynomax ceramic coated headers with flex connectors, Gutted cat, Summit mufflers, Trans rebuilt & upgraded to later tighter specs - 1700RPM stall (300RPM over stock), Oil temp gauge converted to trans temp gauge, Trans cooler under new parallel-flow AC condenser, 3.23:1 gears, Trans gears for speedo to match, 140mph speedo rear line lock, Johnny joint trailing arms & PB bracket moved, Custom heim joint strut rods. Ken has used the DCS throttle body bushings service.

Steve's 82CE

Steve F. 82 CE Corvette from Florida. Steve's motor is stock except for a set of 2" throttle bodies. Steve also has a DCS fuel pressure gauge assembly, fuel pressure adjustment tool, IAC and TPS test harness and has used our throttle body bushing service. He likes our products and we say Thanks Steve.

Judy's 84

Don and Judy F. 84 CFI from Ahwatukee AZ. Their 84 was one of our recent Saturday 06-30-07 workshop makeover vettes. It's a stock CF except for the 85 pump. The car is very clean and shows well and now even runs well. DCS throttle body bushings service along with our performance chip.

Hal's 82

Hal F. from Mesa, AZ. 82 coupe. Bone stock 350 Crossfire except for a DCS TB balance job, tune and throttle body bushings service. Hal was another participate of the Saturday 06-30-07 workshop vette makeover. Hal plans on doing a rebuild of the current motor soon. Hal has since built a 355 with cam, heads, headers and Renegade manifold.

Gerry's 82CE

Gerry C. from North Haven, CT. Gerry's 82 is an excellent example of a very clean CE. Gerry is very meticulous about his 82 and it shows. Gerry recently took first place in his division “Personalized Stock/All Years” at the biggest Corvette Show in CT. Except for the DCS fuel pressure assembly the motor is stock and he has also used our throttle body bushing service.

Dave's 82

David R. from Springfield, MA. David's 82 has new paint, interior, wheels and tires, true dual exhaust into Flowmaster 40s and a performance chip. He also has the DCS fuel pressure gauge assembly and fuel pressure adjustment tool.

Kurt's 84

Kurt E. from Pembroke NH. 84 Corvette stock motor with ported intake, lid spacer, 85 corvette fuel pump, pressure regulator mod, custom air cleaners. Drilled & slotted rotors, stainless brake lines. DCS fuel pressure gauge assembly and throttle body bushing service.

Ron F 84

Ron F. from Winnsboro, TX. David's 84 is a stock CF with our performance chip. He also has the DCS fuel pressure gauge assembly and fuel pressure adjustment tool along with our CD and TPS test harness.

Jeff S.

Jeff S . from Pueblo, CO. Jeff's 82 is a stock Camaro CF and has purchased our TPS and IAC test harnesses along with our throttle body bushing service.

Paul P. CE

Paul P. from Peoria Illinois. Paul's 82CE has been newly painted and only has 58,500 original miles. This beauty is pretty much stock except for the 85 fuel pump and the DCS fuel pressure gauge assembly and throttle body service. Paul has since moved back to his home in Wales along with the 82CE.

Tom H. 82CE

Tom H. from Tampa Florida has a fine example of an 82CE corvette and enters the car in various car show events like the Corvette Garden Party in Cypress Gardens where he received a second place trophy award. Tom's CE is mostly stock with a few of our items installed and has used our TB service.

Ed K. 84

Ed K. from Latham New York and his 84 crossfire. Ed has our fuel pressure assembly installed and our chip. Ed also has used our 2" TB boring service for his newest project, a 383 CF motor. Ed has since then gone to a StealthRam system on his 84.

John F. 82

John F. and his nice 82 two tone crossfire. John has our 82 FPA, FP Tool and TPS Harness. John also has used our rebushing service recently.

Jeffery F. 82

Jeffery F. from Hamburg, NY. and his very nice looking 82 crossfire. Jeff has installed the 85 fuel pump, SS brakes, CompCam roller tip rockers self aligning 1.52 intake & 1.6 exhaust, new pushrods, lifters and has used our cleaning and rebushing service recently.

project 82

Two very nice project corvettes that Jim and I have done for a restoration shop here in the Phoenix Arizona area at Corvette Restoration Arizona. Both corvettes are 383 motors and built close to the same spec as Tom's motor except for they both have RHS heads, they both are CFI as well. Both cars have 1227747 ECM's, HAM, Ostrich, EBL and custom tune by DCS. The gold 82 is local and the CE is from Wyoming.

Ben's 84

Ben from Australia and his 84 Corvette. Ben has the "World's Fastest" naturally aspirated Crossfire Injection Corvette that we know of running a best 1/4 mile ET of 12.26 @110mph. Ben is running our Renegade manifold and picked up almost three tenths of a second after doing the Xram to Renegade manifold swap. Ben is running a 383 cubic inch engine with all the usual crossfire mods. Way to go Ben! We expect that Ben will run a even faster ET now that his ignition issue is fixed.

Wazeer 84

Wazeer K. from Ontario Canada and his very nice 84 that he has owned since 1985. Wazeer has recently installed our Renegade manifold on basically a stock 84 motor except roller rockers, a chip and 85 vette fuel pump. He did a before and after dyno test and saw a 30RWHP increase and 17FTLBS torque. Very nice Waz and thanks for your input and business.

Bill S., a recent customer from Yakima Washington with his very nice looking 82. Bill is a satisfied Renegade owner and also has our fuel pressure assembly installed and has used our throttle body service. Thanks for your business Bill and enjoy your faster 82.




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Would you like to have your Corvette, Camaro or Firebird featured on our site? As a DCS customer, all you have to do is send us a 400x300 pixel jpg file and we'll post it in the Gallery section. Also tell us a little about the mods you have done for others to see.