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More Flow - Corrected Runner Length, Dimension & Taper - More Power and Torque - 20% More Plenum Area - Direct OEM Performance Replacement

DCS is dedicated to changing the image and mind set of CFI. With that said, the RENEGADE manifold from DCS is an ALL new custom built manifold from the ground up specifically designed to DCS specs for the dual throttle body crossfire by a leading manifold manufacturer. The RENEGADE manifold is the ONLY OEM crossfire performance direct replacement manifold that will be on the market to include an EGR provision that will not be an extra charge add-on. The RENEGADE was designed, built and dyno tested for use on the 82, 83 and 84 crossfire motors. The manifold will fit under the stock hood of all Crossfire vehicles with no other modifications needed.


- The DCS RENEGADE manifold IS NOT just another stock crossfire manifold

- IS NOT another ported crossfire manifold

- IS NOT a modified aftermarket manifold

- IS NOT a Frankenstein manifold mix of an aftermarket machined manifold and custom machined parts and added cost items to make it work


The Renegade is a completely new designed CFI performance manifold with corrections to runner angle, taper, cross sectional area and other flow enhancements. The manifold comes complete with a stock EGR option.

We have tested the RENEGADE on our own 383 CFI motors against the competitions manifold and noticed a dyno proven 20+RWHP gain over that manifold without any further tuning or fuel pressure adjustments, we just swapped out the competitions manifold and installed the Renegade and hit it. We do of course expect even greater increases in horsepower as we begin our dyno tuning phase. The RENEGADE manifold will support all existing OEM CFI parts and accessories. The manifold will also support custom bored throttle bodies.

Any questions concerning our "New" manifold can be directed to the email address below.


More News...12/19/08

DCS is in print with Muscle Car Enthusiast magazine in the January 2009 edition. On news stands now. Article is in PDF format, read it here.




DCS is preparing to test the Renegade manifold on a stock 350ci 82 Corvette within a few weeks, more on the results as they develope. All testing of the manifold will be done on a dyno.


DCS has completed the dyno testing of the Renegade manifold on a stock 350ci 82 Corvette. The results were better than expected, with 130,000 miles on the test motor, the Renegade produced a 33HP gain and 16ibs more torque at the rear wheels. The only thing that was changed was increasing the fuel pressure to 15psi and timing increased to 9 degrees BTDC. The TBs were balanced by DCS before the pulls to ensure they were operating properly.

* Further usage of the manifold on the test vehicle showed an initial increase in fuel economy of 1.5mpg, this portion of the test is still ongoing.


The final outcome of the gas mileage testing is complete and the stock motor used in our testing produced a 1.5 - 2.2mpg increase, your results may vary depending on driving conditions. The Renegade has been removed from the test corvette and DCS is now in the beginning phase of negotiations with a production foundry to start the casting process.


The Renegade manifold build is coming along nicely and is currently with the contracted pattern maker. This part of the process is completely out of our hands, but as of 6/18/09, the manifold is on schedule for the projected delivery by August as promised. More news will be posted as it becomes available.


The Renegade manifold build has run into a delivery slip due to circumstances beyond our control with the contracted pattern maker. Notices have been set out to all pre-buy participants. We will keep all participants updated as we receive more information. We don't anticipate any more delivery issues at this time. A production update link has been made available for viewing the entire build progress of the manifold with pictures. This link is to our old site pages, not the current site. Manifold Progress


Short Post: A meeting between DCS, the pattern maker and the foundry staff will be held early next week in an effort to determine a pour date to meet our new delivery schedule of September. Every effort on our part is being made to ensure this pour happens on schedule.


The meeting between DCS and the manifold contracted companies was held this week and the foundry was pleased with the manifold pattern. The bottom manifold mold is done except for a couple very minor shape tweaks. We did run into a minor issue with the water passages front and rear and that set us back a couple of days for a redesign. The issue was resolved and we ended up with a 50% larger passage and better flow. The pattern maker still must make the mold core boxes and have them sent to the foundry. The top plate needs to be finished and should take less than a week to complete. We are still anticipating a late September pour barring no other issues to hinder the process. We are finally getting to the end of the project, but it is still weeks away. Click on the link in the 8/12/09 post to see the latest pictures of the manifold progress.


DCS has installed its newest performance creation ...a new cam. A new custom cam was installed into an 84 corvette, the cam was made specifically for a 383 cubic inch motor using our Renegade manifold and our engine components. Testing will begin 9/7/09, more information will be released as it becomes available.


DCS will be chassis dyno testing the new custom roller cam and Renegade manifold combo on an 84 crossfire 383 motor using 2" TBs and 90# injectors on 9/16/09 and drag strip testing on the night of 9/18/09 at Firebird International Dragway, Chandler, AZ. More on this development soon.


The core boxes for the manifold are done and will be available to the foundry casting department Wednesday, September 23rd. We’re now coordinating with the foundry staff to establish a pour date. More as we get more information from the foundry. We are getting close now and we'll start shipments soon.


We made a trip to the foundry today to physically check on the status of the core boxes and they are looking nice. We are finally getting somewhere and it’s nice to see things starting to come together. Please check the 8/12/09 posting above for the link to see more pictures of the continuing progress.


We made another trip to the foundry today to physically check on the status of the core boxes from the pattern maker and they appear to be all fixed now. We are going to attempt to start pouring next week sometime between 10-13-09 and 10-16-09. We will take a video of the pour and post it on the Renup page. We also took some pictures of the sand core box castings of the water passages front and back, EGR tubes and intake runners. Please see 8-12-09 Link Manifold Progress above to view pictures.


The first test pour of the Renegade manifold was done at the foundry on 10-15-09 and the pour went well. After the machining and taking a closer look at the manifold, we noticed issues with all of the air fuel ports and one of the water passage runners on the head port side. We also have two minor bolt hole issues that should be easy fixes. The fit of the manifold is very nice and we are pleased. However, we had words with our pattern maker about what happened to the pattern design and the fix. Without going into any detail, we fired the pattern maker on 10-22-09.

As of 10-23-09 we have a new pattern maker and the company name is Progressive Pattern in Phoenix, AZ. We also had a meeting on 10-27-09 with the new company's owner, their machinist and our machinist to discuss an action plan to make the necessary fixes. We have a two week awaiting period until the new company completes their current project workload before we can proceed with the fixes proposed. We feel very confident that Progressive Pattern can and will complete all the necessary changes to correct the issues as expedient as possible.

A personal update letter with pictures was sent to all Pre-Buy participants explaining the situation and what we are doing to correct the problem. We have been very pro-active in getting this project finished and to ensure we ship a quality product. More on this as it develops. Please continue coming to this page for more details as they become available.


Jim and I have met with the new Pattern Maker in Phoenix and the fixes for the manifold are well underway with most of the small issues almost completed. The largest issue, the runner corrections are also underway. We have called all the participants and notified them of the new schedule of mid January 2010. The new schedule is unfortunate, but necessary to produce a quality product, we regret the delay. More on the developments as the corrections are made.


Another visit was made to the new Pattern Maker in Phoenix on this date to view the progress made with the manifold corrections. Except for a minor tweak to the EGR passage that is still needed, the rest of the small fixes are complete. Of course this means that the specific patterns are completed, but not the core boxes that need to go to the foundry to be made and then back to the pattern maker for any machining before they can once again go back to the foundry for final casting. This is where a lot of the time gets consumed during the entire process.

The two center runners have also been completed and will be used as the pattern for the rest of the runners to ensure runner dimensions remain consistent and correct. While there we took a fair amount of pictures and will be posting them on the Renup.html page soon. Jim and I are very happy so far with the quality that has gone into the repairs and that the tolerances are much tighter now which in-turn means a much better product. It appears that the company is on track even though the Christmas holiday is rapidly approaching. Continue to come back here for updates as we have them to post. Thanks for your continued support with this project.


WE HAVE GOOD NEWS!! We made another visit to the pattern maker today to see what progress has been made. The good news is that ALL the repairs that needed to the accomplished to the manifold are done. All that remains is the larger master molds that have to be re-poured and tweaked which shouldn't take long. The other completed items will be taken to the foundry today to be poured into metal molds and then returned for any machining.

The company is going to try and have everything done and do a "test" pour before Christmas which would be awesome. There is no guarantee on this, but it is the goal at this time. If the test pours happen as planned, that would mean a much sooner production pour which again would be awesome and would put us ahead of our projected schedule. We also took some pictures of the finished items and are working on putting together another page for the manifold progress. We are VERY pleased with the workmanship, the speed and quality of work that this new company is expending to make this project a success. Their machinist has gone the extra mile to ensure exactness in uniformity on everything so that the manifold is truly a quality product.


MERRY CHRISTMAS from DCS. As suggested in the last update the pattern maker was trying desperately to make a test pour happen before Christmas, he didn't make it, but came close. I was at the company on Wednesday 12/23/09 and they were working on machining all the core boxes. Everything is done except for finishing the machining and two small loose piece items. The foundry will be closed until January 4th, 2010 along with the pattern maker. They did indicate that during the week of 4 January thru 8 January looked good for that test pour. If everything works out fine we will start the production pours directly following that pour. We are now down to the wire and it will be a reality soon. Continue to come back for more information.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone from DCS. Just a short update on the test pours. I visited the pattern maker on 1/06/10, they tried to make the pour happen this week, but since the foundry was shutdown during the entire holiday, they are slightly backed up. All the pieces for the manifold are done and waiting to be picked up by the foundry as of yesterday to make their castings and get ready to pour. We are waiting to hear from the pattern maker on a firm date for the pour. More on this as soon as we hear from them which should be either today or tomorrow.


Short update. The pattern maker called us Friday 1/08/10 and said that all pieces/molds are now at the foundry and its up to the foundry now to just do the test pours. We are all waiting and we would be very happy if they could slide us into their schedule and do the pour this coming week. Check back for another update indicating that the test pours were done. As soon as the pours are ready, they will be rushed to the machinist and then tested for fitment.


Another short update. We have talked to the foundry owner today and they are shooting for doing the test pours (two of them) this Thursday, 14 January and have them in our hands on Friday. We are hopeful that the foundry can make this happen for us. Keep checking back for more info.

Major Update...1/18/10

WE HAVE SUCCESS! With much anticipation, not much fanfare and a large crowd watching of about 12 people total, today we successfully poured one test manifold castings at 10am. local Arizona time. Everything went very well so far and exceeded our expectations in quality. The pattern maker was there as well to ensure everything went smoothly with the assembly and took the finished raw casting to their shop to check it against the spec for accuracy. We are also pouring three more tomorrow as additional test pours and we will have them hardened just like the production models. We will not be able to pick them up until next Wednesday to drop off with the machinist. We are hopeful that there will be zero defects in all the pours and if everything works out great, we will be pouring production manifolds rather soon. We have a video and lots of pictures to go over and then post. Check back often for more details as we have them to post.


We took the test pour manifold back to the pattern maker today and went over every inch of the entire machined item carefully with their craftsman looking at everything, dimensions, wall thickness Their machinist is going to tweak the mould on one bank of runners slightly, the runners are all straight as they should be, but they need to come down a few thousands to be more correct in placement. There are also two bosses for the TB mounts that we had incorporated into the manifold that are slightly off center as well, again only by a few thousands and they are going to correct that as well. Other than that, it looks pretty good and we are very happy with the work done by the new pattern maker. While we are waiting for the final tweaks to be done, the foundry is installing the permanent gating in the moulds since we really won't be doing "test" pours per say anymore. We are planning on doing another three pours including the top plates at the end of this week or first of next week depending on the foundry's schedule. We are in the final stages before production starts, so please check back here often to see if there are any final updates just before we start the production pours.


A meeting between DCS and the pattern maker staff has taken place today and it was decided that further machining was necessary. The other small glitch has already been corrected with the bosses. The manifold will be taken back to the pattern maker on Friday for further analysis to see if any further corrections are required. We are hopeful that we have this small issue under control and can press on with the other three pours which look like they will now be next week at the earliest.


The manifold was delivered back to the pattern maker on Friday morning 1/29/10 for their review of the continued machining process. No determination was made on Friday for next weeks pours at this time. We will be talking with the pattern maker on Monday 2/1/10 to see what is next and if any further corrections still need to be made.


All the corrections have been made to the tooling by the pattern maker and all moulds have been delivered back to the foundry. We are waiting for the foundry to give us their schedule for doing the next pours. We are going to be pouring three complete units this time and as long as no other corrections are required, we will be scheduling the actual production pours with the foundry management. We feel confident that the pattern maker has made all the necessary adjustments to make these next three pours successful and error free. The pour process will take an extra two days because we are going to heat treat these pours just like the production models which will be made from 356 aircraft quality aluminum and heat treated to T6 hardness standard.


The foundry has scheduled our three additional pours for Saturday February 13th. The pours will also be heat treated and require two additional days. We will be picking up the pours on Tuesday February 16th and delivering them to our machinist to be CNC machined. We are at the mercy of the vendors as far as time and schedules are concerned, not our own.  Please come back for more information after Tuesday.


The foundry finished the three additional pours for us and they look as though they came out fine. The raw castings are now at the machine shop and when they are finished they have to be inspected for any material and mould defects plus fitment. Unfortunately, the earliest we will have them will be Thursday, 2-25-10. It's all in the hands of the machinist and his schedule at this point.


DCS met with the pattern maker's staff and our machinist today to discuss the final tweaks that may be needed after these last three test pours. After careful examination by the pattern maker and several machinists, the decision was made that the main runners looked good and only a small machining change was needed, which was great news. We still have a slight issue with a water port that is an easy adjustment, but it will not be decided exactly how to proceed until the final machining is accomplished. We are going to machine another manifold tomorrow to the pattern maker’s spec and possibly a second if needed to ensure nothing else is required to dial in the dimensions. We hope to have all necessary information required before the end of the week so we can proceed onto the production units.

We may have to do one more test pour to “ensure” the manifold quality is perfect and to our standards. We are happy that we are very close to finishing up the loose ends and production can start soon. We will try and have another update before the end of the week, check back soon for more information.


Small update, but an important one. We made a couple small changes/adjustments to the water crossover runners which look good and a last minute mod to the top plate. We have done a few more pours and will be picking them up either this Wednesday or Thursday. When these get machined will be sending out a few manifolds to a couple of people. Please bare with us just a little longer while we tighten up a couple loose ends on this project and then we'll be full steam ahead ...FINALLY.

Major Update...4/07/10

Well, the day that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. We were happy with the last set of test pours and the foundry was officially notified today that we are ready to start the production pours and go full steam ahead. The foundry has to make all the gating permanent on the moulds and start preparing for the pours. We have not been notified yet by the foundry how long we have to wait before they will start rolling them out, but we are sure it will be soon. So this is GREAT NEWS for us and everybody else.

Major Update...4/22/10

The foundry has finally gotten back to us on the production pours. We were notified today that they will have for us between 10-20 units on Friday, April 30, 2010. We are extremely happy that this day is finally coming and has been long awaited. As soon as the machining is complete on this batch of units we will be sending them out the door and then the party begins.


We are anticipating starting the first production deliveries the week of May 10th sometime depending on how many we can get finished. The foundry was late on their pouring which impacts our machinist and his machining schedule. They did manage to pour 45 top plates so far which was great, but the manifolds take a bit longer per unit to pour, but we have plenty of units to machine. We will get these out as soon as possible. Once the production units start going out the door, that day will be the end of the Pre-Buy program. If you are thinking of being part of that, you don't have much time left.


Good news! The Renegade has begun shipping. With that brings an end to the Renegade Pre-Buy incentives. However, you can still purchase the manifold at the same price, see our Catalog section.


The Renegade Pre-Buys are still shipping and we are trying to clear this backlog of orders, slowly but surely this is being accomplished. We can only ship what the foundry pours and would love to have all the orders filled at once and be done with them. You can still purchase the manifold at the same price, minus the Pre-Buy incentives, see our Catalog section. If you have any questions, give us a call. Thanks for your support.


We have received GREAT news! The person in Australia that is testing our Renegade manifold has run his all time best 1/4 mile ET with a 12.26 @110mph and consistently ran in the 12.2x range on 9/15/10. His previous best time was 12.48 with the Xram manifold that he could never repeat and the car faithfully ran in the 12.50 ET range. His engine is a naturally aspirated 383 cubic inch in a 84 corvette, no power adders. We are very happy with the results and that the Renegade provides much better performance on his engine. This ET is within the same range as most stock new corvettes are running. His tune was changed after the Renegade install only to accommodate the increased air flow evidenced by a quick data log, no extensive tuning was done to the VE table prior to these tests. We firmly believe that with the proper tune with this manifold there is no reason why that car won't run in the low 12.00 - 12.15 ET range. We hope to see more great results as the testing continues. Go to the bottom of page to see Ben's 84 Corvette click HERE


We had an issue on the How-To page with the ECM codes pdf. If you tried to get this document earlier and nothing was sent to you, its fixed now and works fine. Thanks for your support.


Good News...We are almost completely caught up with our backorders of Renegade manifolds. Keep checking back for an update on when we may have more manifolds on hand.


The Renegade Pre-Buys are almost done shipping now (ten left) and we'll be done with the entire backlog of orders. At this time, we still aren't taking any new orders for manifolds until we work out a deal with the new foundry on the pours and are completely caught up. Please check the manifold ordering page when we will start again. Catalog section. If you have any questions, give us a call. Thanks for your support.

Also, we decided to create our own "Customer Support Forum", this is not a full open forum to discuss Crossfire Issues and mods, but does have an Off Topic section. We may have some growing pains, so please bare with us. If you would like to join/register follow this link, its free. DCS Forum Registration


We have had a few glitches with the registration to our new customer forum. I believe they are fixed now. If you registered and are still having issues when logging in, let me know at: Thanks. Also, the overall forum theme will be changing soon, we just wanted to get it up and running and fix any bugs first. I'm working on creating new buttons, colors etc... Enjoy!


We have been in negotiations with a company for a while now and today they contacted us to say it's a done deal. We are very happy about this and is a significant move in the right direction for us. We still have a lot to do including finalizing the paperwork with attorneys and things. We also have to do some test pours and ensure the machining is done correctly. We don't have a date yet, but we hope things will move a little faster now that the negotiations are over. As usual, check back often to see more info as it becomes available.


AWESOME NEWS!! We finally and officially signed the contract today for the re-introduction and manufacture of the Renegade manifold. The company president said they are looking at six weeks and we should have something to start checking for fitment, machining etc... At least we now have a date/goal to work towards. That is awesome news and we are extremely happy with this even though we are late getting there. We also will have another NEW product to introduce soon. Jim picked up the prototype while at the factory and can't wait to see it in the morning and droll over it, he did send me a pic and it looked good. Hang in there guys, we are yet again going to make your life easier as a CFI owner. Check back often to see more info as it becomes available.


We heard back from the new company today and all our tooling is now at the foundry and they are sorting things out to get ready for test pours. We may have a pour done next week if all goes well. If that happens, the new machining fixtures can start to be made and then be that much closer to production again. Check back often to see more info as it becomes available on this and other things.


Our new throttle body balancing "CAN". Soon you'll be able to balance your throttle bodies with ease with our new balancing "CAN". No more using a water manometer, hoses, colored dye and having the water sucked out of your manometer. Doing it the old way is a thing of the past. No Muss or Fuss. We have been balancing TBs for years this way and is very simple. We are putting the finishing touches to this new item and expect to see it in the next few weeks. As usual, check back often to see when it will be available or give us a call. Thanks for stopping in.


SUCCESS!! We have now completed two test pours at the new foundry and eagerly await the castings to check for a quality pour. We now have to machine them and check the fitment. We will know more later next week as we get the ball moving even more on this project. At least we are moving in the right direction and will have some pours done to check. Also, we hope to have a few more new items to post in our Products Line-up. Please continue to check back with us for updates.


MORE GOOD NEWS! Not only have we completed two test pours at the new foundry , but we have dropped them off at our machinist to have them worked on. We'll be getting back with him this coming week to see how they came out and look. We hope there is no issues and we can give the foundry the GREEN light to start pouring the production units. Please bare with us on the re-interduction of the Renegade, we can't go any faster to make this happen. Please continue to check back with us for updates.


The test pour castings have been machined. We will be going over to the machinist this week to have a good look at the results. I did watch some of the machining this last weekend and it looked good so far. Will post some more news later this week. Please continue to check back with us for updates.


This is a two fold update. First, we have called the company doing our manifold work and they said we are still three to four weeks out on the new manifolds and as we close on that date we'll post more info. We can only hope that they come through on time. Second, I was told that one of our manifolds was on eBay, serial number 0063. Sure enough there was a brand new unused Renegade up for grabs. I was curious as to what it would go for...Here's the interesting part and I almost fell off my chair with the final and winning bid of $700, see below picture. WOW! Whoever you are, you must have wanted our manifold REALLY bad. I hope you enjoy the added power. On a side note, so if we sell the next round of manifolds for less than $700, it will be a bargin for all.

eBay sale


Renegade manifold update...We have had many conversations and emails with the company handling our manifold pours and machining recenty and have demanded that they move our project to a higher priority level and kick it into high gear. We anticpiate having some product available for sale by October 16th, 2012. Please continue coming back to the site for more information as it becomes available.


Renegade manifold update...Had a few conversations with the company doing the machining lately and they are finishing up the machining on their end of the raw castings to check their dimension against ours. We are still hopeful that they will make the October 16th deadline. Please continue coming back to the site for more information as it becomes available. If you are interested in purchasing a manifold, send email to and you will be added to the list.


AWESOME NEWS! We were notified today that they have poured 20 units and all the tooling is now done. We hope they can start the machining process this week or next. We're not there yet, but DEFINITELY moving closer to getting them done and out the door. We will be sending out mail soon to all the customers that are on the waiting list explaining how the purchase process will work. Thanks to everyone that has hung in there, we're almost there. If you are interested in purchasing a manifold, send email to and you will be added to the list.


DCS Customer Forum NEWS! Our customer forum was switched over to a new company and servers called YuKu. There is a real problem with that right now, I can't even login into it at the moment. Their will be some amount of time before I can get things back to normal I suspect, so bare with us. You can still get news about the Renegade manifold and anything else by looking here in our NEWS section. Thanks and sorry for the issues this migration has/will cause, but we didn't do it...Tom


DCS Customer Forum NEWS!...SUCCESS!! I was finally able to take control of our Customer Forum again. The colors have changed and the learning curve is going to be high as compared to the old software version. It looks like everyone will be able to login now...I hope. If you are having issues, send me mail and hopefully I can fix it.


Customer News! DCS will be closed down on 11/16/12 until 11/23/12. Customers will not be able to order anything from the site and we will not be answering the phones or email during that period. Sorry for the inconvience, but we need a break. We are just giving people a heads up.


Renegade manifold update...The last word from the company doing the machining on the manifold as of last Friday was, they have all the pours that were done initially onsite, the tooling for the machining is finished and they are still tweaking the CNC programming to machine the manifolds. We wish we had more or better news, but this is completely out of our hands and we have to wait on the other company. Please continue coming back to the site for more information as it becomes available. If you are interested in purchasing a manifold, send email to and you will be added to the list.


Customer News! Just a reminder that DCS will be closed down on 11/16/12 until 11/23/12. Customers will not be able to order anything from the site and we will not be answering the phones or email during that period. Sorry for the inconvience, but we need a break. We are just giving customers a heads up.


Customer News! We now BACK from the break and OPEN for Business again. Hope you all had a great holiday. One down and two more to go!


Added a great site to our Resources Page Visit the Duntov Motors Company site that caters to the 63-82 corvette. They have for your C3...steering, suspension driveline and other non-engine related upgrades and performance parts.


Balancing Tool Update: We received word from the company doing the Balancing Tool "CAN" for us that they were going to send us the first shipment on 1-11-13. We received the shipment yesterday the 16th. We still have to ensure the quality of the product and calibrate them all. we will post on our website on the Products page the availability and price soon. It maybe another week or so before they will be ready for us to ship.


Renegade Manifold Update: The company doing our manifold for us has completed the new CNC table fixture setup and the programming. They started the test machining last Saturday to see how it goes. If all works out ok, they will start full bore on the machining process and we will send out a letter to all the people on the waiting list to let them know how they can purchase a manifold. We are hopeful the machining process will go well, but like any new process there is always going to be glitches that need to be dealt with. At least we are still moving forward with this reintroduction. Keep checking here and our website for more news.


Balancing Tool Update: We received a shipment of Balancing Tools (CAN) and they look great. We still have to calibrate them now and we also want to do a video on how to balance TBs and the use of the CAN. Wew decide on a price and it's on the Products page. Pretty reasonable price since it will last just about forever. I will post a better picture of it and put it on the Products page soon. It maybe another week or so before they will be ready for us to ship.


Manifold Update: We received a photo tonight from the machining company with the new rotary table and jig for machining the manifold. They are in the final stages of tweaking the machining programming and we hope to have something good from them Friday. At least we are in the final stages...finally! We still have to have that manifold shipped to us for a quality and fitment check before giving them the green light to start cranking them out. Here is a pic of the new machining setup.



Manifold Update: We received more photos today from the machining company on the continuing manifold machining refinement process. As promised, they are going to finish up the machining Monday 2/23/13 and ship it to us the next day Tuesday. Standby for more news. Here is another pic of the new machining process...Looking good!! Also see info on our Customer Forum.



AWESOME NEWS!! We have evaluated the manifold sent to us with the final machining process completed and have determined that it is OK and ready to go on the production machining. We have given the company a GREEN light to start cranking them out.There is a couple of small items that need to be worked out like pricing, who is going to be shipping the first batch and if we are going to offer a powder coated version. This should be done this coming week. At least we have completed the inspection and getting ready to send them out the door. We will be sending out an email to ALL the waiting list customers soon on what will be required if they still want a manifold. We have had a few projects going at the same time and its been hard for us to finish up loose ends on all the projects, but we are getting there. This is still great news for us and I'm sure the customers that have been waiting, it's great news for you as well. smiley: smile Expect an email from us soon. Thanks for your patience and commitment to DCS. Tom


MORE GREAT NEWS!! We have officially sent out the letters to all the waiting list customers for the manifold. If you were sent a letter, please respond to the letter ASAP whether you still want a manifold or not. We need to get an accurate count for the first batch. Tom


URGENT...PLEASE READ!! We have officially sent out the letters to all the waiting list customers for the manifold. We have received a fair amount of "EMAIL BOUNCE BACKS" (bad email addresses) on the letters that were recently sent out. If you are a waiting list customer and "HAVE NOT" receieved a letter yet, please contact us ASAP so we can confirm your place on the list. Thanks for your cooperation. Tom


GREAT NEWS!! FINALLY! We have offically finished all the machining on the first batch of the manifolds. This is great news for us and anyone waiting for a manifold. We should receive a couple manifolds either tomorrow 4-19-13 or 4-20-13 for our final inspection. We will be looking at setting up a special payment option for the waiting list customers and will be sending out another letter on how to purchase a manifold soon. Tom


MORE GREAT NEWS!! IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! Yes, we have begun shipping out manifolds to our waiting list customers. 17 manifolds have gone out so far with more to follow in the next weeks. The first batch should be in customers hand by 5/14/13, again with more to follow. We are extremely happy that they are finally going out the door, it's been a long road for everyone. We sincerely appreciate the patience our customers have had with this latest generation of manifolds. If you are a waiting list customer, please check the email address that you gave us often for a delivery notification. Tom


GOOD NEWS!! We have requested to our shipper that more manifolds be shipped out today. We may open the "Add to Cart" button on the website as well. Keep watching for that to happen. Tom


PURCHASE NEWS!! We have opened the "ADD TO CART" button to our site for the manifold purchase while the supply lasts. Tom


FIXED We have recently been experiencing shipping charge issues and causing order errors on some orders. It should be fixed now and sorry for any inconvenience that it may have caused to some customers. Tom


BALANCING CAN We have had a lot of calls concerning the "Balancing CAN". Unfortunately, we have had to put that new product on a temporary hold since it was conflicting with the new manifold being produced. We regret not having this out in a timely manner, but it will be sold at a little later time. Please just keep checking the Products page for any update on purchasing the CAN online. If you see the "ADD TO CART" button available on that item, it will be availavle for online purchase. Thanks again for patience. Tom


MANIFOLD We have a limited quantity of manifolds in stock. We are trying to get more in stock, but it could be a little longer. If you want a manifold, now would be the time to get one. The purchasr button will shut off when these are gone. NO WAITING LIST CUSTOMERS. Good luck! Tom


We now HAVE MANIFOLDS for sale. If you were waiting for one, now would be the time to get one. The purchasr button will shut off when they are gone. Good luck! Tom


We have SOLD OUT OF MANIFOLDS once again in just 13 days. If you were waiting to get one, but didn't purchase one this time around, we are trying to get more in stock. We thought we had plenty on hand on this pour, but they went much faster than anticipated. Unfortunately the purchase button has been turned off. Please check back often for updates and the reopen of the purchase button. Thanks for your support. Tom


We ONCE AGAIN HAVE MANIFOLDS IN STOCK. We have no idea how long this batch will last since there seems to be a lot of customers that didn't get one from the recent batch that sold out fast. FYI...After this batch, we plan on suspending production, possibly for good. If you want one, now would be the time to do that. Thanks for your DCS support. Tom

If you have any questions, please free to contact us at:




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