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Renegade Update 2

The Renegade Project

Making of a Renegade (part Deux)

As most of you know by now (providing you were a pre-buy participant) we "parted ways" with the first pattern maker. Lets just say it was in our best interest to do so...Enough said.


This is where it all begins. The pieces below represent basically a box. The shell cores are placed inside this box to form voids where the molten aluminum will flow. It is like a 3D puzzle. The two pieces one the right and left are placed on the outside form the box.

** The original pattern was not square or flat. Its flatness was out 0.125" which caused the casting to thicker on one end.


Here we have 3 areas that needed attention. 1. Front Water Passage - The water passage was out of location on the head side. 2. EGR Tube - A portion of the passage towards the rear needed to be relocated to allow additional clearance for last manifold bolt hole. 3. Center Runner - All the runners have been reworked. They are much more precise this time around. More on the runners below.


This shows the front water passage. Luckily the original shell core could be modified for the corrections.


Runner flow lip. One of the Renegades key features is the port inlet inside the plenum. This is the main runner model. This is used for all 4 runner sets (8 total) to form the outside shape. This means each runner set is just like the last one.

The center section has been redesigned to use a single core vs the original. Aside from a better formed runner the number of cores has been reduced from 6 to 3.

Water passage - This is new shell core box for the rear water passage. The location at the head has been corrected.


Here is the main runner. The black piece in the back is a closer view to the "runner flow lip" form above.


The new center core. This piece fits into the center of the "box" created in the first picture above.


Just another shot of some of the pieces as they now fit within the pattern.



What you see below is what the runners will look like once they are cast. The new pattern maker is doing a fantastic job and has been rethinking the tooling from a holistic perspective. In short, we can and will do it better this time around.


Click the image above for a larger view.

This is what the tooling looks like once it is assembled. There is a runner pair missing on the right side in this image.


We hope that you have enjoyed seeing how the Renegade was developed and can appreciate how much effort on our part was put into this project to make it a success.




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